3. June 2020 Is there an age limit to be admitted to rent a room at Viennabase?

No, there is no age limit.

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What are the rules, regulations and requirements at Viennabase?

Beachte bitte, dass du ein/e StudentIn sein musst, um dich für einen regulären Heimplatz bewerben zu können. Bewirb dich hier! Hier findest du alle Infos zu den Aufnahmerichtlinien sowie unser Heimstatut (Bestandteil des Benützungsvertrags).

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All about living

Is it possible to move to another room/base?

Sure! Wishes change. Notify us of your move request via your mybase-platform. If available, we will send you a moving offer.

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Where can I find further information about the different types of rooms?

Under the heading “rooms and prices” you can find out what the facilities, sizes and prices of the rooms and apartments look like.

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