20. Wien Energie Business Run

Viennabase at the Business run 2021

We are happy that we could be part of the Vienna Business run for the first time. Next year we will take part again. Would you like to join our team next year?

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Die besten Ferialjobs in Wien für alle, die spät dran sind

Huch, es ist schon Juli und du suchst noch immer nach einem Ferialjob in Wien? Keine Panik, auch jetzt kannst du noch spontan einen Ferialjob finden und damit deinen Sommer in Wien optimal nutzen! Wir stellen dir ein paar Branchen vor, in denen du jetzt noch spontan gut bezahlte Sommerjobs in Wien finden kannst. Außerdem

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Viennabase closed!

Happy Holidays!

A challenging year for all of us is drawing to a close. Now is the time to enjoy the last days of the year and spend them with loved ones. Probably due to the current situation in their own homes. The entire Viennabase team wishes relaxing and merry christmas days and a good start into the year

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Low-priced through the city!

Art & culture at a discounted price - discover the museums in your city

We understand that student budgets are tight. That doesn’t make things easy in a city with so many cultural, culinary and other activities. With the right information, however, you can make savings anywhere as a student. We’ll show you where there are discounts and offers for you.

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The Viennabase house rules!

Don’t break the rules - shared living, shared rules

There are almost 1,600 students from more than 60 nations living under four roofs at Viennabase. Not only does that mean that you will have a lot of fun and make new friends, but it also involves a couple of rules. But it’s not so bad: when you know these rules, it’s pretty easy to stick to them.

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Go on a discovery tour!

Excursion tips in Vienna

There is much to explore in Vienna! Vienna is a unique city with a high quality of life. The city fascinates with a long an interesting history. That´s why Vienna owns a lot of historic locations, buildings and tourist attractions. Vienna combines an atmosphere from old times with a fresh modern cosmopolitan flair. The most of you will already know

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Arbeiten und Studieren?

Working Student

Arbeiten und studieren – geht das? Klar, wenn man die richtige Tätigkeit zum richtigen Zeitpunkt wählt. Wir haben drei Möglichkeiten zum Sammeln von Erfahrung neben der Uni unter die Lupe genommen. Praktikum Hot Facts Zu unterscheiden sind echte Praktika, die im Curriculum verpflichtend vorgesehen sind, und Praktika, die eigentlich bezahlte, befristete Dienstverhältnisse darstellen. Echte Praktika

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Stay sporty!

Start summer-ready

Sport and exercise away from gyms. A refreshing change. The fitness center offers almost everything what your heart desires to achieve your personal sport goals. There are also situations where it is not possible to go to the fitness center. Lack of time, a full calendar or the gyms are closed for a longer period in times of a crisis. These

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Follow us on social media!

Connect with the community

Nowadays we have the privilege of being able to network well - why not also in Viennabase? Since 1963, students of all nationalities and on all types of courses have been living and studying together in our accommodation. A close contact with you and with each other is very important to us. Anyone who lives at base should be able to feel comfortable and exchange ideas. We are

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