1. August 2020 Don’t break the rules - shared living, shared rules

There are almost 1,600 students from more than 60 nations living under four roofs at Viennabase. Not only does this mean having lots of fun and forming new and exciting friendships, but it also comes with following a few rules. But it’s not so bad: when you know these rules, it’s pretty easy to stick to them.

Being quiet at night

You must be quiet at night between the hours of 10pm–6am. During this time, you should not listen to loud music, play musical instruments or do other things in your room or the building that could disturb your fellow residents.

Keep things tidy - also in the shared kitchen

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Do you recognise this saying? That doesn’t mean that you can’t make great food by cooking together. What it definitely does mean, is that too many cooks can make a mess. Therefore, please ensure that you always clean up after cooking. The next person to use the kitchen would like it to be clean as well.

Please don’t smoke

Fire detectors are installed in the entire Viennabase - except in specially designated smoking areas. Smoking is strictly forbidden and there is also a ban on the use of open flames.

Keep doors closed!

Please always close your door to prevent unauthorized access!

Trash belongs in the waste room - not in front of it, not next to it and not behind it

Dispose of your garbage only in the designated garbage bins (bottles, plastic, cans...) in our garbage rooms. So please never put your garbage in the general areas or next to the bins.

We welcome guests but not long-term guests

If everyone shows a little consideration, everything works wonderfully. Don’t you agree?

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