1. August 2020 1 ticket for 12€ + 1 free entry

There is a ticket for € 12 + 1 free entry exclusively for Viennabase residents for the entry at Haus der Musik.

It´s definitely worth a visit.

If you are interested, you can simply use the discount code: base-hdmvienna  

Haus der Musik - the museum of sound

The interactive exhibition areas in Haus der Musik offer new, innovative ways to experience music. A unique musical experience in a didactically modern show. The 5000 m² area is dedicated to the diversity and, above all, the experience of music.

The four levels and numerous interactive elements and installations allow you to experiment with auditory phenomena or learn about the great masters of classical music in a unique way. Piece together your own waltz, hear your own name as an original Mozart composition and conduct the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra!

Have a go at creating your own waltz or conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Haus der Musik is an interactive sound museum offering new and innovative ways to experience music. Discover the world of sound!

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