15. March 2023 Another insight into our 60 anniversary collection…

Architect Fred Fryler's design idea for "Haus Döbling", who was in charge of the planning and execution of the building project. Artists such as Hubert Aratym, Wolfgang Hutter, Kurt Moldovan and Joannis Avramidis were chosen for the artistic decoration.

Bezirksmuseum Döbling
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Media project - voluntary environmental year

Today we present you a video project which our two civil servants Max & Benedikt created in the course of the voluntary environmental year. The video shows how moving into the Viennabase works and which things are important. Here you can find the link to the video post on Instagram & Facebook.

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The student residence of the City of Vienna through the ages

The year 1963...

We start our report on the 60th anniversary with the founding year 1963. The strong increase in the number of students, especially from abroad, led to an extreme shortage of student accommodation at the end of the 1950s. The City of Vienna therefore decided to build the “Haus Döbling” with 364 single rooms in place of

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60 years Viennabase

Viennabase celebrates 60 years

What began in 1963 as Haus Döbling is now Viennabase. With Viennabase, we can look back on 60 years of history as the Viennese original of student residences. Since 1963, students of all nations and a wide variety of fields of study have lived and studied with us. Winston Churchill said: "The further one can look back, the further one will look ahead. Therefore, in the context of our anniversary year, we are not only taking a look

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