Everything for bathroom, kitchen and bedroom!

-10% off your Viennabase welcome package

Hoping for a stress-free move? Then order everything you need for the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom with ease using UNISTARTER. So in addition to your furniture, you will also have towels, bed linen, pots and pans from the start. This way you will feel at home straightaway and can place all your focus on studying. Order here now and

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Dive into the life and works of Mozart!

9 € instead of 10 € for the entry at Mozarthaus Vienna

There is a special discount of 9 € instead of 10 € for all Viennabase residents for the entry at Mozarthaus Vienna. If you are interested in the discount, you can simply use the discount code: base Mozart Haus Vienna – Presents the life and work of the musical genius At Mozarthaus Vienna you can

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